• Pro laser Model FX external view
  • Pro laser Model FX external view
  • Pro laser Model FX external view
  • Pro laser Model FX external view

LASER Generator "Model-FX"

Model-FX is a Nd:YAG Generator with Fiber Optic Delivery, specially developed to integrate LASER welding into automated production processes. The main benefits of LASER Welding are the following:

  • Versatility of Application
  • Quality of Welding
  • Processing Speed
  • Accuracy and Precision
  • Welding Power
Available in different configurations (60J - 100J - 150J), powered by Single or Double LASER Generator, thanks to the delivery of the LASER beam through Optical Fiber, Model-FX guarantees total versatility of application.

Thanks to the highest quality of the LASER beam generated by Model-FX, the welding even of the most reflective metals is made easy.
By focusing energy on small areas up to 200μ (0.2mm) and ensuring minimal heat input, the exposition to the LASER radiation can be precisely limited to the areas to work only.

Equipped with the highest quality electronic components, Model-FX does not fear heavy duty cycle such as 24h/7d and it is capable of standing very high frequencies (3000rpm).
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Technical Specifications

The structure of Model-FX is shaped to protect the internal components and, at the same time, the design allows a very efficient ventilation as well as an easy access to the three main areas of the machine (LASER Generator, Cooling System, Electronic Compartment) either for routine and extraordinary maintenance.

The high-efficiency Cooling System guarantees 24h / 7d working cycles, up to 39° C room temperature, without the help of any additional External Chiller.

The command interface is designed to make Model-FX totally compatible/integrable with any other system and the software allows an easy management of work parameters and settings.

The LASER Generator is machine-made from a single Alumina block, which guarantees a strong structural stability. All optical components (lenses, mirrors, lamp, crystal and ceramic cavity) are built in solid on the Alumina block and this special mounting technique takes to zero the risk of misalignment between the LASER generator and the Optical Fiber's coupler.

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  • Pro laser Model FX internal view
  • Pro laser Model FX internal view
  • Pro laser Model FX internal view
  • Pro laser Model FX internal view
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Optical Components

One of the main features that distinguishes Model-FX from other similar products is the quality of optical components which, by minimizing waste of light as well as energy dispersion, increase the LASER efficiency on metals, even the most reflective ones.

The lenses and the components used inside the LASER Generator, as well as inside the Collimator and the Focalizer, are expertly calibrated so to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the LASER beam, allowing the processing of even the most reflective metals with medium-low powers.

ProLASER has developed and offers, alongside Model-FX, a wide choice of Focalizers which make the application of Model-FX even more versatile.

Cylindrical or 90° shaped.. provided with a 35mm, 50mm or 70mm focal lens, with round or elliptical welding point... each and every application requires a specific focuser, and ProLASER has them all.
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Model-FX "DualCore"

With the aim of offering an innovative solution, to optimize costs and space without compromising on reliability and quality, ProLASER has integrated two separate LASER Generators into a single Model-FX.

The innovative Double LASER Generator technology, named DualCore, integrates two independent Nd:YAG Generators within the same unit and allows the application of Model-FX DualCore onto two separate welding stations.

Thanks to its two independent LASER Generators, Model-FX "Dual Core" is able to deliver full power to each of the fibers (no beam splitter, no time-sharing or power-sharing.. a real and pure 2x60J, 2x100J or 2x150J) and it can also manage the power delivered to each fiber individually, as easy as working with two units.

This special version of Model-FX makes possible to weld on two different workstations using the same single machine, which can be programmed either to deliver the same power equally through both the Optical Fibers or, if necessary, it can be programmed to make each of the two LASER Generators free and totally independent from the other.
  • Pro laser Model FX Dual Core
  • Pro laser Model FX Dual Core
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ProLaser coompany profile

Company Profile

Established in 2017 and headquartered in Verona - Italy, the project named ProLASER was born out of the passion of a group of professionals who have decided to develop high-quality LASER technology to be offered to the world of industry, with special attention to the problems related to the processing of precious metals.

Today, ProLASER, internationally present thanks to the support of a wide sales network, is a well-known manufacturer of LASER welding technology.

The dedication to the project and the close partnership with customers have allowed to recongnize ProLASER as a manufacturer of excellence in the world of LASER Technology.

In ProLASER, extensive experience and technical know-how blend in with productive efficiency and innovative spirit so to promptly respond to the growing market's demand for higher quality and reliability.
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